The goldsmiths’ craft is many ages old. It involves melting, alloying, hammering and filing – with physical power, precision and attention to the detail. Each of our pieces of jewelry is a product of manual work with the material and the wearer in mind. The results are timeless classics and unique individual pieces. We do not follow trends nor care about volatile fashions. Value and continuity are the drivers of our designs. With our jewelry we want to create pieces of beauty and immortality.

Isabel Waldmann

“For me it is most important that my jewelry shines, brings out the particular features and expresses the personality of the wearer. I want it to be casual and suitable for daily use, distinctive and at the same time soft.“
Isabel Waldmann has been an independent goldsmith for 15 years. She and her craft have become inseparable companions in life. Her experiences find their way into her work. She sees life as an archive and jewelry as an image of life itself. Over the years she has created a very distinctive style which reflects both, her own self-conception and the values she believes in. Never failing to match a piece to a person, her work radiates with empathy and dedication.

We achieve this by paying attention to the personalities of our clients, to their specific point in life as well as to their wishes and ideas. During personal meetings with the clients we identify the style that suits them best. Daily life is our source of inspiration – the architecture of a building, the cast shadow of a tree, the pattern of sand scattered by the wind. We love to express this through contradictory combinations: precious gems embedded in carved horn, or large diamond surfaces paired with old, embossed leather.


Our materials are strictly high-quality. We only use high-gold alloys. Gems have to be either outstandingly beautiful or exceptionally unusual. Beyond the classics of the goldsmiths’ craft we have a strong preference for rare and antique substances, such as some 2000 years old Roman glass beads, Danish cameos from around 1800 or ancient gold from Bactria that goes back to 250 B.C. to 700 A.C. For us the quest for extraordinary materials is an integral part of making jewelry, just as polishing or alloying. We are committed to sustainability. We exchange old jewelry for new pieces. Buying old gold and melting it down is our way of recycling gold to produce ecologically sustainable jewelry.